once in a while i am delightfully suprised to find that people besides myself actually use the fonts i create. even me myself dont use my own fonts too often. actually, the font used throughout this site in the heading and stuff is one of mine. if you find a site or work where marianfonts have been used that is not one of the examples listed here, well then please give me a holler holler. used one of my fonts "fayettenam" in an image in its gallery
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jami of truetype resource recently interviewed me for the feature on his site "the font talks"
see the interview}

there is a "web clique" called woogoo, which used one of my
older, now unavailable fonts "chi" on the images on itsits web site.
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a site created by the maker of woo goo also used the font "chi" on a website
she designed called simply "bob"
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a software developer uses one of my fonts as well. throughout his page, he
uses my font oscilloscope. his site offers free 3d models and programs. go there today.
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