send it today!
occasionally i have been sent some e-mail that criticizes my work. one of these was up on this site for a while as the front page as a matter of fact. i have been accused of several things: my fonts sucks, my design sucks, i look like a tortoise (this hasnt actually been said). if you are considering sending me such a mail, please bear in mind the following points:

a - i am 17 years old and am still in high school.

2 - web and fontography design is a hobby of mine. i dont pretend i am good and i really dont know if i am. but i dont plan on making this a career, therefore it doesnt hurt my feelings if you say my stuff sucks. just to let you know.

if you had read the following things and still wish to send me some criticizing mail, well then
let the flaming begin!

example number one
example number two